Matt Badiali is Onto the Zinc Trend

Matt Badiali has trained as a geologist who has given him an eye for precious metals. His vast skill has helped him to be as successful as he is now and he is also able to help companies and business owners to find and to accumulate their wealth. It has also helped him in his working job as a geologist for a drilling company. He was also a consultant to an environmental company before joining Banyan Hill. He attended Penn State University, and he has a B.S. in Earth Sciences.

He also holds a Masters in Geology which he obtained from Florida Atlantic University. He has visited many different mines and oil wells all over the world, and he has traveled to many different countries on his business mission to find precious metals. Matt Badiali has brought a lot of attention to the new “magic metal.” This metal is better known as zinc, and it is already being used in many different applications. YO can find it in your car, in airplanes, and even in cosmetics. Scientists are even using it to help fight diabetes, depression, hair loss, and fatigue since it also has medicinal powers. Matt Badiali says that it is a limited resource and that there is a shortage coming.

He also predicts that the shortage will only get worse and that there has been a 50% drop in just the last four years. That also means that the price of zinc is on the rise and in the last year its value has gone up by 60%. According to Matt Badiali about half of the mined zinc is used in galvanizing which is the process that is used to coat steel and iron to prevent it from rusting. So zinc is in pretty much every aspect of every infrastructure since it is in every bridge, nail, and bolt. Matt Badiali has a strong presence on social media, and he has become known for his uncanny sense of trends and predictions. He is definitely on to something new and promising when it comes to this “magic metal.”


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