Why The Ashley Lightspeed Relationship Is Vital to The Lightspeed Venture Partnership

The Lightspeed Venture Partners is all about helping up and coming business ventures not only launch but withstand the test of time as well as harsh competition. And that’s why the Ashley Lightspeed partnership happens to be quite important as Ashley Brasier herself is as creative as she is competitive. To date, the partnership has helped more than 300 startups find long term success in just two decades. Two of these ventures include The Honest Company and Affirm.

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What Influenced Ashley into Business?

Ashley Lightspeed had always been creative as a child, mostly because of spending way too much time with her dad who was a brilliant architect at the time. He used to let Ashley help him with creating his prototypes and that’s exactly what made the Ashley Lightspeed partnership a very important addition to the Lightspeed Venture Partners which came a bit later in her life.

Apart from her gift in prototyping and being an all-rounded brilliant human, Ashley also loved art. And the moment she realized that business was very much an art, that realization sold it without any hesitation at all.

Where Did Ashley Brasier Study?

Before establishing the all-important Ashley Lightspeed partnership, Ashley Brasier had to go to a number of schools in a bid to master the theoretical side of her craft. She already gifted in the art of creative prototyping, but Ashley felt that she needed the icing on the cake so that she could end up serving her clientele the right way.

Ashley began her schooling at Duke right before going to Copenhagen for her further studies. It was after she graduated that she felt the need to look for a job. She later had to leave her well-paying job in her quest to seek further studies. And that’s exactly how Ashley Lightspeed ended up in Stanford GSB.

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