Victoria Doramus – A World Renowned Leader!

Victoria Doramus is well known for her creative ability to identify market patterns and researching trends to come up with the best solutions to resolving some complex problems within the marketing industry.

Victoria’s unique writing skills and creativity has labeled her as a Marketing Trend Expert providing extensive information on marketing and lifestyle trend. Her diligence and perseverance has contributed to her success and accomplishments. Her educational background and degree from the University of Colorado has also been a plus in helping Victoria Doramus to become a professional in the journalism and mass communication field. Although she is an marketing expert with offices based out of London and New York, Victoria’s primary focus today is displaying humility by giving back to the community that has helped her to excel by devoting her time to charitable organizations.

Life has not always been kind to the once struggling addict who lost everything when she hit rock bottom from an alcohol and drug addiction. Her struggle and fierce road to recovery has helped her to become not only a marketing expert, but a recovery expert giving advice and sharing her story to help others. Victoria has taken the tools that she has learned from her struggles and turned it into a success story by giving back to the community by being a part of recovery groups to help others turn their lives around for the better. These struggles have also taught her how to adapt to life and to find new innovative and creative ways to help solve the problems of her devoted clients who depend on her expertise to help them to become successful in their daily business endeavors.

Victoria give credit to her struggles in life that has taught her to never give up or to succumb to her problems. She is a World Renowned Leader.

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