The Tremendous Growth In OSI Industries Globally

When you consume foodstuffs at a restaurant in your town, do you question the chef where they purchased the ingredients? Do you research to know where all the spices and groceries you buy from supermarkets come from? If not, then you should know today that most of those foodstuffs are from OSI Industries, which operates from Aurora, Illinois.

You must be wondering how the products get to your home town. Remember, even though the industry is located in Aurora, it doesn’t mean it only operates there. To the contrary, this food manufacturing company distributes its products internationally. Therefore, you must have consumed OSI Industries’ products for many years without realizing it.

The firm focuses mainly on producing foods rich in protein among other products. These foodstuffs are then distributed to supermarkets worldwide, and some of them like groceries taken to big restaurants.

OSI Industries’ leadership with regard to its expansion

The industries operate under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as its CEO. Because of Lavin’s entrepreneurial skills, the company has been successful in several food processing endeavors. The CEO is very innovative and knowledgeable when it comes to production activities, and this contributes to the company’s remarkable growth.

With the help of this food manufacturing Industries’ president David McDonald, Lavin is contributing so much in making OSI Industries the leading food manufacturing firm globally. Currently, they are distributing their foodstuffs in 17 countries. According to McDonald, they are confident that by the end of this year, the Industry will be operating in many other countries.

With the help of entrepreneurial skills by the CEO and the President, the industry has recently acquired a food processing company in Europe. This company dubbed as Boho Food has branches in countries like Netherlands and Germany. This acquisition has contributed to the OSI group’s incredible growth.

The industries’ vision concerning expansion

The OSI Group is determined to be the best food processing company not only internationally, but also domestically. For this reason, the Industry is now acquiring several food plants in Illinois and Chicago. In fact, the plant’s vision is to have a significant impact in Aurora apart from its recognition globally.

The OSI Industries is now providing jobs to the locals apart from supplying the local supermarkets and restaurants with food items.

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