The Background and Business Life of Sheldon Lavin

Many people want to assume that success is created overnight. What they don’t understand is that it’s only when people become successful that the press and media become interested in how you did it. All the interviews you see were only conducted when the press felt the investor had something to show. For instance, Sheldon Lavin had a long way before he became the face of OSI Industries. However, many people only talk about his stay in OSI Group.


There are many controversies when it comes to the relationship between education and success. It, however, depends with your world of business. For Sheldon, his dream required him to have a solid academic background. He pursued accounting and finance in University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He is also an alumnus of Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in business.


Sheldon Lavin has always dreamt of having a chain of companies providing food products and other things that people use daily. To evaluate this, he started a consultancy business. He knew that many firms would need finances to expand and that is something he could offer.

He ran the business for 15 years. It was not until 1970 that Otto & Sons, now OSI Industries approached him for financial support to expand. Later, when the father of sons retired, they approached him with a partnership offer which he accepted. After some time, Sheldon Lavin decided to work full time and became the CEO of the firm.

OSI Industries

OSI Group has grown tremendously in the hands of Lavin. They have expanded their plans to see that all their clients get adequate supplies. They pride over their large pool of 20000 employees. They have a culture that has helped them retain their employees.

Sheldon Lavin says that good leaders should be humble. In fact, this is the only means to boost innovation in a firm. All employees need to know that their opinion in the firm is valuable and they can always talk to their leader. To nurture this culture, they have meals together to bond, which has had very positive results.

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