TalkSpace & Michael Phelps partner to bring awareness on Mental Health

In the ever-increasing conversation of the importance of mental health, one company has taken the reigns to make sure that conversation is not only heard by millions but also that they are able to seek help. TalkSpace, the global therapy service provider recently announced that they have reached a deal with former champion swimmer Michael Phelps. The addition of such a big name such as Phelps to their company will offer them a unique opportunity to reach more people hopefully remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. Read more articles about Talkspace at USA Today

TalkSpace has been one of the fastest growing start-ups in the past few years, mainly due to their extraordinary service which is obtainable via message or video chat to the user from the privacy of their own home. In addition, the affordability of the service has greatly elevated their image as a company that sincerely wants to deliver the best for their customers. With weekly memberships that grant you access to a licensed therapist costing you a mere $79 and or $49 for a mental health professional, there is no doubt that this has opened the doors of opportunity to individuals who may have not had the funds to receive assistance.

In addition to the television campaign that Phelps will be doing for the company, CEO Oren Frank has also mentioned the addition of Phelps to the company’s board of advisers. Michael Phelps has spoken before on his own struggles with mental illness and the negative effects that it has been causing within our society, therefore, his first-hand experience will greatly help the TalkSpace team evolve their strategy moving forward.

In the end, the main message that TalkSpace will like to convey to the public is that mental illness does not discriminate, it will attach itself to even the strongest amongst us, even to Olympic gold medalist such as Michael Phelps, however, there is a way to receive help.



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