Wes Edens Reaches an Agreement With Richard Branson to Merge Brightline With Virgin Group

Although the work that Wes Edens has done with both Fortress Investment Group and the Milwaukee Bucks has been widely publicized, not as many people are up to date with his endeavors in the world of transportation, where he has been hard at work with his rail company, called Brightline. Brightline received some outstanding news in the recent days, since Wes Edens negotiated quite the deal with Virgin Group’s Richard Branson. In addition to the money invested, Virgin Group will also help Brightline with branding, marketing and expansion. See more at bizjournal.com to learn more.

If you are already enjoying the services of Brightline’s rail line throughout Florida, then you should be made aware of the upcoming 2019 name change, which will cause it to become Virgin Trains USA. Over the course of the next year, Virgin Group will make many efforts with regard to branding the train line, but it will not overtake the current strong team managing and also overseeing Brightline’s daily activities. Adding to the impressive routes in Florida, a plan has been hatched to connect Tampa with Orlando, as well as Las Vegas with south California.

It is not hard to figure out why both Wes Edens and Richard Branson are benefiting so greatly from working together. Branson has already had success with Virgin Trains in the U.K., and it has been a staggering 21 years since he launched that project. Wes Edens has already had success in Florida, where Brightline has been an innovative force in the area’s passenger rail line market. By teaming up, the two can work towards conquering the United States’ passenger rail line market while building on each other’s strengths and have a great foundation.

Sir Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin America, which many people trust when it comes to air travel. Wes Edens has also gained some trust in Florida through Brightline. Therefore, there is a great amount of potential for building a strong and innovative transport organization by the two individuals working closely together with the same goals. What exactly is in store for them in 2019? That, it seems, is currently anyone’s guess.

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