Ted Bauman Is A Chief Editor For Banyan Hill Publishing

For the past five years, Ted Bauman has been working as a writer and editor for the Banyan Hill Publishing company. Currently, Ted writes several of his own newsletters on a weekly basis that he researches for and constructs entirely himself. These newsletters consistent of the Bauman Letter, the Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock Alert. Ted is an economist and that is what forms his approach to the investment industry. Much of his investment advice revolves around low-risk investments and proper investment strategy to eliminate risks. Despite the low-risk, investors can still make good returns, especially as they build more experience.

There are many corporations out there that can be greedy and with the overall status of these corporations, it can be easy for them to oppress people financially. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. This is more true of second and third world countries, but it still applies to the United States as well. Ted Bauman spent most of his life trying to break the hold that corporations and government have over the general populace and create an equal and fair economy for everyone. For more than 25 years, Ted lived in South Africa, traveling around and working at different non-profit organizations with a degree in economics and history.

WIth his current position as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman not only gets to make an impact on thousands of investors lives out there today, but he doesn’t have to travel extensively anymore. This means he is able to concentrate more on his work as an economist and financial advisor. Even more importantly, Ted Bauman is able to spend time with his family because he works right from his own basement. Ted can utilize every day with maximum efficiency because he doesn’t have to waste any time commuting and can get most of his research and important work is done by lunchtime.

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