Marc Beer Is In The Industry For Medical Advancement

There is quite a lot of competition in the biotech industry, which is also a surprising fact given the complexity that is involved in the research as well as the growth of a biotech organization. Marc Beer is currently the head of Renovia Inc, a biotech company that he started up just two years ago in the hopes of developing new treatments for diseases out there plaguing millions. Marc Beer is the co-founder of the company and CEO and currently is focused on raising the funds at Renovia through funding rounds. The latest series of funding by Marc Beer pulled in a hefty 40 million plus in new money that will go towards research and better technological equipment. Renovia is based out of Boston and has been ongoing in their research to treat women’s health for the past two years.


Pelvic Floor Disorder affects more than 200 million women worldwide and it is an extremely uncomfortable disease to deal with. One of the biggest side effects of Pelvic Floor Disorder is urinary incontinence as well as various other crippling effects. Despite a large number of affected women, Pelvic Floor Disorder gets virtually no media attention. One of the supposed reasons for this is the embarrassing nature of the disease, which causes many individuals to stay silent about their symptoms or the need for treatment.


Renovia has already received the approval of the FDA for their latest advancement in the Pelvic Floor Disorder scene, which is the development of Leva. The next step for the company is successful clinical trials of their product so that they can ensure it will be effective for nearly every woman that uses it. Safety is very important and will determine the companies success as well as their future developments into other diseases. Learn more:


Marc beer not only has more than two decades of experience in the industry of pharmaceuticals, but he has a strong academic foundation as well as a graduate of Miami University. Marc built his pharmaceutical knowledge during his college studies and he had no trouble entering the industry through Abbot Laboratories, a biotechnology company that was interested in Marc’s skills and determination. Marc has worked at many different biotech companies over the years, climbing the ladder to executive positions that laid the groundwork for his startup of Renovia Inc.

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