InnovaCare Health with Rick Shinto as the CEO and President

The healthcare system in America has been changing the recent past. Leaders in healthcare organizations have been trying to come up with programs that ensure that the ordinary citizen can access affordable and quality healthcare program. InnovaCare Health has been a leading healthcare provider, and it has developed plans with the ordinary citizen in mind. It has changed the lives of residents in Puerto Rico since its inception. The management of InnovaCare Health has played a vital role in achieving the objectives of the company. It has an experienced and reputable leadership team that understands the challenges of the healthcare sector, which makes it easy for the team to formulate plans that offer solutions to the challenges.

Richard Shinto, the president, and chief executive officer at InnovaCare, has been the force behind the success of the company. He started his career at InnovaCare Health as the CEO and president several years ago, and he has since then worked hard to grow the company and bring invaluable leaders to the leadership team. His achievements at the company and other industries that he has worked for have proven that he has excellent leadership skills that enable him to steer InnovaCare Solutions ahead. Rick holds B.S degree, MBA and a medical degree from different universities. His academic qualifications are proof enough that, like in the past, he will continue to offer quality and affordable healthcare plans to patients through InnovaCare Inc.

Shinto has worked in the competitive healthcare sector for the last 20 years. He has left an extraordinary legacy in all the companies that he has worked for in his career. Rick was working at Aveta Inc. at the same capacity as the one he was called to serve at InnovaCare. Shinto’s experience at Aveta Inc. and other companies enabled him to understand the challenges in leadership as well as for patients. He has used the problems to develop quality healthcare services in InnovaCare as well as offering the proper working environment for staffs at the company through adequate communication.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare strives to offer alternative payment models. It serves its 200,000 members with two health plans, which are the MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. InnovaCare offers the residents of Puerto Rico with the only NCQA accredited healthcare programs in the island. The healthcare provider is a leader in delivering the best-managed care services that are affordable and sustainable.

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