Fortress Investment Group Virgin: Plans to Rebrand to Virgin Trains

Brightline has announced Americas first passenger intercity train in over a century is strategically partnering with Virgin, and trademark the licensing arrangement with Virgin Group. Virgin Group is among the world’s most recognized brands, venturing in the travel and hospitality industry. The new partnership will help Fortress Investment Group to leverage on Virgin Groups superior expertise and customer relations.

In May 2018, Fortress Group Virgin trains launched to serve between Miami and West Palm Beach. Current plans include expanding to Orlando and Tampa, in the event the previously announced acquisition of XpressWest goes through, and approvals from the federal government are received. Fortress Investment Group Virgin will commence the construction of a railway line to connect Las Vegas to Southern California in the coming year. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

The company’s private sector initiative effort aims to revolutionize the railway service sector in America, and the company is well on the path. The efforts have just received a boost with the new partnership with the Virgin Group. The co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens see the company’s culture of innovation, coupled with the recent collaboration with the Virgin Group as a move that positions the company for success.

The Virgin Group has had success in various sectors of transport and has a loyal clientele, with the Company having transformed air travel in the country through Virgin America. Millions of people travel on rail every day in the country, and Virgin Group has for over a decade tried to afford the rail clients with an experience befitting that of Virgin air travel. The partnership between the two companies is ideal for both and will present both the company’s clients with a change in perceptions of travel habits.

Upon meeting certain pending conditions in the current arrangement, an affiliate of Virgin will come on board to make nominal investments in Brightline. Fortress Investment Group affiliate will manage the funds, and the Fortress Investment Group will continue to retain majority shareholding of Brightline. The Brightline management will continue to oversee daily operations of the company, including business development strategy. Brightline will then rebrand its core business in rail to Virgin Trains USA in 2019.

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