Talkspace Makes Progress Towards Eliminating Mental Illness Stigma

Recently, news broke out that Michael Phelps and Talkspace partnered to promote mental health awareness. It came as good news for people who are struggling with mental health issues and are finding it difficult to visit a therapist. The partnership involved Michael Phelps taking it to a national TV and sharing his personal experiences with an aim of rallying for the importance of mental health. Depression is real and people struggle with it daily. Some people are hurt inside. What makes it worse is not to try and get help from, say, Talkspace. Mr. Phelps aims to change that through the national TV campaign.

Talking about his experience with depression, Michael Phelps said that he found refuge in talking about his struggles with people who care. He struggled with depression and anxiety at one point in his life and he felt empowered once he talked it out. Phelps and Talkspace are committed to eliminating the stigma associated with depression. Talkspace believes that Phelps is the right person to go before the public and educate people on the importance of mental health. At the long run, America will consist of people ready to get help whenever they have mental issues. This is one of the efforts that have been made to avail therapy services to people.

Talkspace has been offering therapy services online since 2012 with Oren Frank as co-founder and CEO. Oren Frank aims to avail therapy to everyone and get rid of mental illness. Talkspace is always ready to take up any opportunity that advances this mission. With the efforts, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction, family problems and post-traumatic stress will be eliminated gradually. To be in even a better position to achieve this, Frank is strengthening his team and has focused efforts on employee development.

Recently, Talkspace added Neil Leibowitz to its team as a chief medical officer. He is responsible for medical prescriptions through the app. This decision was reached after a need for enterprise business building was established. The company is widening its ways of reaching to the people. Now, people can get medical prescriptions and therapies online through text messages and videos.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a leading online therapy company that is connecting people with qualified and licensed therapists online. With the online therapy platform, the company brought changes to the industry with patients chatting with therapists online in real time. More than a million people have used the company’s services and they seem to be making progress towards their mission of making everyone to access therapy services as well as eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness.

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