Krishen Iyer, Ever Higher

Krishen Iyer is an online partner with Managed Benefits. MB is a company that specializes in marketing for health and dental insurance businesses. Iyer says that he does not dwell on what could have been if he had made a different choice than something that resulted in error. He says he learns from the mistakes and goes on from there. Krishen Iyer says past mistakes have helped him learn that possibly the most important trait in entrepreneurship is communication. He says that this is certainly not the only thing he has learned from mistakes.


He has learned many lessons from them. He says that overall quite possibly the most exciting thing about his work right now is the advancements in its technology. Advancements in technology, he said, are making it easier and easier to stay connected and that is something that is profoundly benefitting his company which is entirely based on connecting businesses to businesses. Krishen Iyer says he also prioritizes employee relations and often does fun things with his employees. He finds that doing so is great team building and creates a good atmosphere of morale.


He recommends that entrepreneurs read and glean important principles from Stephen King’s book, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.” He also recommends that business books of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet. Krishen Iyer entered the business world by first obtaining a degree from San Diego State. Despite his past great successes, Iyer has his eye on ever greater achievements. He is particularly excited about a near future MB platform in development right now.

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