Chris Burch Is A Unique Entrepreneur


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The Life Changing Moments

Chris Burch says the split with his wife Tory Burch in 2006 was a huge changing moment for him. He says he has experienced moments of both pain and joy that have defined him. During his divorce he was sick, and felt like he was losing everything he had. That experience taught him a lot about people, life, good, and bad. It also taught him about self healing. He believes the really tough times in our lives chip away and build our souls at the same time. For Burch, the most defining points in his career were when he realized that he had the ability to understand people on a much deeper and unique level. He says he’s lucky that he’s not full of envy of other people. Seeing other people be successful around him is actually something he enjoys.


Unique Investing

One thing that Burch does across the board with his business portfolio is he supports those who go against the norm. He latest ventures are a fancy pre-fab housing company Cocoon9, and a hospitality supplier called Bur+Mah. Chris Burch says it excites him to introduce new products from a different angle, especially when they are not already in the U.S. Burch wants his creative spirit in all projects to bring a calmness to the human soul. He ready made his mark with his purchase of a hotel in Nihi Sumba Island. The place initially consisted of no more than five shacks. The owners lacked capital. Burch purchased the hotel and immediate contributed funding to the Sumba Foundation, which is a nonprofit started in 2001 by Claude Graves. The organization is focused on reducing poverty on the island. Since the nonprofit’s creation healthcare has been provided for more than 25,000 people, malaria had been reduced by 85%, and 300 wells and watering holes were created, get more info here on


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