Approval Given Concerning Papa John’s CEO For Apology

In an article written for, the article writer talks about how Papa John’s current CEO is doing a good thing by apologizing on behalf of the company. He writes that once the new CEO and President, Steve Ritchie, wrote a letter on behalf of the company for mistakes made and that they would do what they can to rectify the problem. The author of the article would then go on to discuss why the letter sent by the company itself made some mistakes that Steve Ritchie’s letter mostly avoided.

The article starts by mentioning the company’s problems before Steve Ritchie Papa John’s and how the CEO arose to apologize on behalf of everyone. The letter sent by Mr. Ritchie clearly stated how Papa John’s had failed its customers and how sorry he was that events played out like this. The letter then goes on to mention how the company is made up of over 100,000 individuals working together to provide a better experience for everyone and that they do a tremendous amount of work for the community.

Steve Ritchie’s letter goes on to talk about what actions they will take to rectify the situation. Such actions include things like bringing in outside experts to assess and advise while listening to customer feedback on how to improve their service. He mentions leading this effort at self-improvement and he thanked Papa John’s customer base for their loyalty to them over the years.

The author of the article then goes on to discuss how the letter provided by the company itself failed to bring a sense of compassion to people and that it didn’t even provide an apology for mistakes made. He goes in depth in discussing how Steve Ritchie’s letter had a sense of true regret to it. The writer wraps up the article by talking about how the CEO Steve Ritchie dropped the ball in his initial letter and his attempts to write a better one. He believes that the efforts made were a good one and that everyone should see it as a good first step at damage control for the company.

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