Fabletics: Listening To Their Consumers To Succeed

In our world of technology, it is as simple as a click of a button to research products and brands that we as consumers have an interest in learning more about. More and more consumers are looking at reviews from other consumers to make sure the product they are looking to purchase is going to be satisfactory. Consumers are not paying attention or trusting other forms of advertisement as much as they are trusting the product reviews section.


Fabletics is a brand that has capitalized on their product reviews. They have seen tremendous growth since the brand has added a review section to their site. It is a smart marketing strategy because someone who has never tried the products Fabletics offers will look at the reviews first to make sure others were happy with their purchases before they join the crowd.


Brands have been doing their research. Surveys given to consumers have indicated the power product reviews can give any brand. These surveys indicate that consumers trust the reviews just as much as they would trust word of mouth from someone they personally know well. Consumers also factor in great product reviews over price. Consumers will pay for a product that other consumers have loved and have written a good review. These reviews are equivalent to a brands reputation.


The more great reviews a product has, the higher the product is ranked when searched online. A product with great reviews will appear at the top of the list when searched in a search engine such as Google. Great reviews can effectively increase business and revenue for any brand. A great product will also keep consumers coming back for more.


Visit the Fabletics website and take the Lifestyle Quiz. This will pair you up with the most personalized gear for you from the Fabletics brand.


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